Introducing the Worlds Fattest Man

September 5, 2008

I dont know why i am posting it, but hey, here it is… the worlds fattest man, and no it is not photoshopped.


10 Responses to “Introducing the Worlds Fattest Man”

  1. vanessa Says:

    omg! i feel terribly sorry for him! i ant imagine how misseribale life would be if i was that big. well from my point of view because i am only 85 pounds! how much does he wayy anyways?

  2. life to the fuller extent

  3. bob Says:

    whey fatty bum bum

  4. john pithers Says:

    It’s his fault that he’s so fat like that!

    • Jay Says:

      not everyone can control the way they were brought up…he might even have a disease…i have a friend who is rlly fat but coz he had some kinda disease so he can’t help it…calm urself

  5. Sandy Says:

    Daammnn hes fuckingg fatt !

  6. lerler Says:

    yo i like his thighs because ithink i can fit in them. also i like his stomach cuz it looks like a face. also his arms look like extra long hersheys kisses. i wonder how much he wieghs. he is my idol

  7. Margy Says:

    Ok yous are so mean

  8. ur mum Says:

    Woah fatty bum bum

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