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January 31, 2009



January 28, 2009






I came across this link & it really made me think. How far can you go where your inspiration really becomes plagiarism? I feel there is a difference between art and design. Sometimes I feel design is just solving a problem where you are trying to communicate an idea. I can not deny times where we take pictures or ideas but the goal is how to manipulate it to where it is yours. Now with art I believe it comes from within. No doubt again… no idea is original and pictures can be reused but it has to be you at the end of the day. It has to come from within you, and that is what makes art art to me. This here is suppose to be called art, but its just a reproduction with no heart at all. I once upon a time was the biggest Shepard Fairey fan to date. I got the books, the prints and promoted him like no other. This was the biggest year ever for him from Obama to GQ, and i respect his cant stop wont stop mentality that i also have, but i lost a little respect after reading into this article. I recently seen a documentary on Picasso, and realized why he is the successful artist he is. His inspiration came from him and he let the brush dictate what the art was going to be. he set the trends and styles for which people still look at and study to this date. These days everyone has a reference point. Shepard looks at all communist art and apparently Fuct gear lol, Kaws looks at the Simpsons and Family guy. I am going through my own trials as an artist trying to find myself. i again… no idea under the sun hasnt been seen before but its how u flip it and when you look at it do you see the artist or just where it came from….. stay tuned for more Art School Confidentiality


January 26, 2009

Cant hate on this. it’s pretty cool!

Dan Abrams

January 26, 2009



Dan Abrams is the visual graphics supervisor and photographer for Benjamin Button. These pictures look amazing.

Ron English

January 25, 2009



Heres a look at Ron Englist Obraham Lincoln billboards. Seeing this definitely inspires me to give up club nights and make them art nights!


January 25, 2009


Check out the homie Amanda Diva yall!!! the new video is out with Qtip


January 25, 2009

I was youtube searching the new Mike Tyson documentary and i came across this. It is the best ever.