If you want to Create your own version of Kanye’s “Stronger” now you can check this link out pretty dope.

Mondays Doodle

March 31, 2009


Heres Yesterdays Doodle, Unfortunately the blog server was down but here it is – Todays Doodle will be Posted later today. Stay Tuned!!!!


Each and Every  day we will post up a new Sketch, Whether it be Pen,Pencil or Marker its going to be a sketch that is given lil thought of and just bug the fuck out!!!! Stay tuned Monday we will post a new one




Kanye West Covers the April Issue of Complex Magazine and has 2 great Interviews One about himself and how Media Portrays Him and the other which is my Favorite about The AIr Yeezy’s…Check it Out

Seven Deadly Artsins

March 25, 2009


A Visual Mix Media Project By Michael Tamzil

The seven deadly sins, also known as the capital vices or cardinal sins, are a classification of the most objectionable vices that were originally used in early Christian teachings to educate and instruct followers concerning (immoral) fallen man’s tendency to sin. They are: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride.

Kim Covers Complex

March 25, 2009


The New Complex Cover


Kim Gets Touched up for the new issue of Complex Magazine