Blueprint 3 is over…

April 2, 2009



Looks like Jay-Z’s long awaited Blueprint 3 may never see the light of day. In a recent interview with MTV, Jay seems to have had enough of Kanye West and his over sized ego. The two superstars are currently not speaking and haven’t spoke since this past weekend when an argument sparked in the studio.


Jay was quoted as saying, “Blueprint 3 is over. It’s never coming out. Kanye wanted to take it in another direction and that just ain’t me.”

Apparently, Jay and Kanye were in the studio over the weekend laying down the final masters for the album. They were planning on releasing it on September 11, eight years after the originalBlueprint came out.

According to eye witnesses, Kanye tried applying autotune to the whole album without Jay’s consent. When Jay found out, he confronted Kanye who let his ego get the better of him and told Jay that Blueprint 3 will be nothing without him and if he wants to use autotune, then he’ll use autotune.

Jay told MTV, “Kanye and I are through. It hurts me to say it; he was like my baby brother. But he’s gotten too big. He doesn’t respect me like I deserve to be respected.”

Jay continued to say that he will quickly return to the studio with Just Blaze to work on Kingdom Come 2.


One Response to “Blueprint 3 is over…”

  1. lovensneakers Says:

    aye i didn’t know that this happened, i doubt that they just gnna cut it like that tho :\

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