Converse is hosting together with Lodown Magazine a BBQ event in Berlin tomorrow night. For the occasion they produced a Parra designed Chuck Taylor Hi, in line with the “Simply the Wurst” theme of the event. The Chuck Taylor Hi is limited to only 100 pairs and will be given out to friends and family.


Is that you Drake???

June 30, 2009


I went online looking for some artist pics and came across this young man lol wow what a difference after Degrassi

Will You Go See 2012?

June 30, 2009


The Magic Dunk

June 30, 2009


SIGG JONES (MAGIC DUNK) INTERVIEW 3D animation rarely gets the chops it deserves. Pixar and the Dis are doing their thing on the kiddie tip, but what if your taste runs more to sphincter-clenching action, topped off with mind-blowing sneakers? Sigg Jones is that film and thanks to the tenacity and genius of three French film students (Asterokid, MCBess and Motraboy), 3D animation has never looked so dope! Based on a superhero gone postal, the film showcases some of the most hectic battles this side of the Matrix. But forget about the punch-ups, this animation is all about the Magic Dunk! One of the slickest rides we’ve seen this side of the hybrid highway, the Magic Dunk takes the Yeezy to a whole new level!

Times x Michael Jackson

June 29, 2009


The first special edition TIMES MAGAZINE since 9/11, with the KING OF POP