Greg Williams Photography

July 15, 2009


Greg’s photojournalistic style of portraiture developed from shooting news features in such trouble spots as Burma, Chechnya and Sierra Leone in the 1990’s.

He also worked on in-depth photo essays that tackled such issues as: CJD (the human strain of Mad Cow Disease), Thalidomide’s second generation of deformed children, and brain damage rehabilitation for children.

In 1997 British-born Greg embarked on an assignment for the London Sunday Times Magazine incorporating his love of film into his photography. This project developed into his first book “Greg Williams On Set” (published 2001- Vision On), a reportage photo essay behind the scenes of the British Film Industry.

A host of high profile assignments in the entertainment industry followed, photographing many of the world’s most popular actors including Catherine Zeta Jones, Brad Pitt, Colin Farrell, Cate Blanchett and John Travolta for such magazines as Vanity Fair, Premier, Life, Sunday Times Magazine, Stern, Paris Match and Esquire. He was commissioned by Universal Pictures to shoot the special publicity photography for Peter Jackson’s “King Kong” in New Zealand.
His reportage on the last Bond film “Die Another Day” led to the publication of his second book “Bond On Set” (published 2003 -Boxtree). Greg’s next book, “Bond On Set – Filming Casino Royale” was published by Dorling Kindersley in October 2006. Greg also produced all the posters as well as many of the publicity portraits for “Casino Royale“.


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