Amber Rose for Elle Magazine

September 17, 2009


Amber Rose is the mystery model Kanye West styled for the October issue of Elle. Amber tells the magazine she has a 24-inch waist and 38-inch hips. She quite memorably showed off her curves at the fall 2009 Yves Saint Laurent show in Paris with Kanye, wearing a black catsuit she bought in her hometown of South Philly and spent “$10 at the most” on. She’s pretty sure it’s from — wait for it — Contempo Casuals. Amber says of working with Kanye:

“He’ll pick out something and he’ll be like ‘Babe, just … no.’ I’m more electric pink and bright yellow. And Kanye’s more like nude and bone. Like, bone is his favorite color. I’m like, whose favorite color is bone?”

She insists she isn’t Kanye’s “Barbie.” For example, Kanye wanted her to wear a gown to the 125th Anniversary Gala of the Met. Amber chose a white Alexander Wang wrap dress with a thigh-flashing slit.

“I didn’t want to wear a long gown,” Rose says. “So then we get to the Met and everybody has a long gown. I was like, great. I didn’t know what the Met was!”

Proving anyone really can be a designer, Elle reports she might launch a line of sunglasses. But speaking of not wanting to wear anything short in the meantime, witness the nexus of her modeling genius and Kanye’s styling flair in the slideshow.


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