TDR Lesson Learned

October 17, 2009


I know I’m late on this, but most of the time I skim through articles rather then reading them so sorry for the late post. I finally got a chance to read the article about The Designers Republic closing down.  The Designers Republic was always a big inspiration for me. I started designing in 2001,  and that was the first company that inspired my work. I was very intrigued on the techno European style… The TDR was  ground breaking design studio that (just like me) started in the  club word and branched out.  They grew to over 9 employees and as he said were being pimped by the corporate world. sometimes you got to do work that you dont want to do to get the bills paid.The reason why this article effected me because i know the first hand on the high overhead of running a design studio. I took this quote form Ian Anderson founder of the TDR in his interview with the creative review maazine “We’d lost a couple of clients, didn’t win a couple of pitches, got a tax bill which should have been sorted out and wasn’t and a major client who didn’t pay the money they owed us – in themselves any of those things would have been fine but when they come all at once there’s not much you can do.” so now he had to let the office and employees go and start all over.I dont know what lesson to make of this because I dont know all his business practices. After reading this i am effected by his words and can see how allot can come down on you at once. Long live the TDR

You can read the article  at

please review the comments. very insiteful.


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