Complex’s Top 100 T-Shirts of the 2000’s

November 18, 2009

We picked our top 5 shirts from Complex’s Top 100 list, which is definitely worth checking out, and just to ruin the surprise for you… here’s their number 1 pick:

Yeah that’s Kate Moss… And here’s our top 5:“T-shirts with messages are, for the most part, pretty lame. If you feel the need to walk around with some self-important proclamation on your chest, you should probably just get on Twitter ASAP. But this tee using magazine names and their typography is one of the most original, both in message and treatment.”
“This t-shirt started as an inside joke pertaining to the use of violence to solve problems. The tee took off as people got the joke (or didn’t), and the success of the shirt brought about many incarnations of the tee and led to the familiar brass knuckle becoming the logo for the brand.”“Absurd designer Angelo Baque founded the brand in 2002 and cooked up a hometown classic by creating this image of Knicks great Patrick Ewing with his arm around the twin towers.” “The NYC nostalgia kings scored in the summer of ’06 with this Jordan tribute tee that features the brand’s signature stars and gradient design, originally released in three colors…by Lemar & Dauley.”Haaa, backstory on this one: “Los Angeles skaters jokingly struck back at hip-hop’s sudden infatuation with their beloved sport by rocking this memorable comment about the one and only Skateboard P. The Ice Cream skate team struck back with their own tee: Pharrell CAN Skate. Take that!”


One Response to “Complex’s Top 100 T-Shirts of the 2000’s”

  1. webgreenturtle Says:

    Hey all..
    i love the way it shws.
    n love design of this kind.
    with this love to wear all time

    for this i found some more collection

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