Dalek’s Solo Exhibition Opens @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

December 15, 2009

Jonathan LeVine Gallery is pleased to announce And There Was War In Heaven, a solo exhibition of recent works by James Marshall, the artist more commonly known as Dalek (a name which references a fictional robotic race from the classic British Sci-Fi series Dr. Who). In the artist’s second solo exhibition at the gallery, And There Was War In Heaven, Marshall continues to build upon the creative departure marked in his 2007 show Desperate, Rejected, and Angry—when he dropped the Dalek moniker to reveal his true name and debuted a new series of paintings rich in color and complex layers, reducing his popular Space Monkey character to its basic underlying geometric components for the first time. On the experience, the artist said: “The show was really cathartic, and I think it helped open up a lot of things for me visually. By not having that iconic centerpiece to build a painting around, all the other elements started happening more naturally… things grew in a different way, which was liberating.”

The show runs from December 12th—January 9th, 2009
The Opening Reception was on Saturday, December 12th


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