Exit thought the ……

April 23, 2010

Sometimes I try to stay away from things with allot of hype and then sometimes you got to face it and say “there is a reason why they have some much hype” I have to give you two blog posts that are everywhere but i must do it.

First one…. Exit through the Gift Shop. The movie by bansky was brilliant and entertaining. Terry aka Mr. Brainwash had a wonderful personality thoughout the movie and it was a pleasure to watch. The only debatable question is when people say it was a hoax on the artworld.  Although he sold over a million dollars in his first art show and he didnt even do the art, I dont have any negative feelings towards it. You make a picture you put a price on it and if thats what it can sell for, thats what it is.  Andy Warhol been doing it since day one. so Im happy for Brainwash and wish him the best of success.  Now Bansky has proven time and time again, not only is he a dope true artist, but he is a genius. His whit is unmatchable! Now that was my review, here is the one by sundance

oh yea….. but why is it named exit though the giftshop????


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