The Introduction of NXNY

May 18, 2010

NXNY is a creative endeavor into the world of house + electronic music originating from the minds of two creatives of leading design firm Artek Creative Inc. (The name NXNY is an acronym inspired by the names of two graphic artists: “No Doubt, Xavier, New York”)

After being drawn to the genre after years of casual listening and seeing a natural evolution in their design style as influenced by the culture, they began with creating their own mixes to satisfy their day-to-day at the office. With No Doubt being a burgeoning DJ in NYC, and X, who is the A&R of the duo having access to special events, they used the resources at their disposal to move forward.

Their curiosity and passion for music led them to study the contemporary leaders of the genre, from DJ A-Trak, DJ AM, The Martinez Brothers, Afrojack, Swedish House Mafia, amongst others. That being said, the duo are set to release their debut mix project mid-summer 2010. For now, enjoy this preview of NXNY State of Mind.


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