N¥C Everything: Andrew Thiele’s Art Exhibit in Japan

October 14, 2010

On October 9th at Mother Cafe in Harajuku, I had a chance to exhibit my work. It was a great experience and I wanted to thank everyone that came out. Big thanks to Mia and Mass Tucker who helped put it together!!! Thanks to everyone who came through, here are some of the pictures from that night. I took some pics in the beginning of the event and towards the end but it was hard to stay glued to the camera. This night meant the world to me ! I feel forever blessed!!!!

Ive been working on a bunch of pieces profusely for the past month for my debut art exhibit  in Japan. When I first received the information about being able to exhibit my work, I was stuck on what I wanted to do exactly. So I did as i would do with any design project, I thought about the communication and connection with the audience. I wanted to show some pieces that were truly me but also conveyed the connection of New York to Japan. I worked on many different styles for the pieces and I hope each of them reflected that. This week I will be posting a few of those pieces on here along with the a slight overview of the thought process & message of each piece.
piece set one:
N¥C Everything

This style I have been developing for a while. A lot of people might of seen it inside Blend restaurant (Long Island City, Queens) where I used mainly Latino elements to fit in with the restaurants decor/theme.  For this piece, I did a mesh of New York and Japanese imagery. I layered it, added texture to it,  and drew over it.  I really like this style because every diamond pocket allows me to create another style within the piece. I then approach each individual pocket like blank canvas.

I have been doing these abstract style of pieces for quite a while now. It started out as a motion piece, kind of a mix of camouflage pattern meets Jackson Polach. It is good to see the way these pieces developed over a period of time. I called one piece “Soliloquy Of Chaos” (Classic Gangstar track) I thought it made a great title. The other piece “Electric Relaxation” (A Tribe Called Quest song) also has a lot of layers of paint strokes, scribble, cherry blossom, lightning and other elements. I really enjoyed doing these pieces, it was definitely of therapeutic.
Dead Presidents
A while ago I did a logo for Japanese Dee and he gave me an idea of putting the traditional kabuki face  on the statue of liberty. I thought it was great and that it represented NYC and Japan. I decided it to take it to the next level and put it over the bills. Why I chose to put it on Ben Franklin ($100 dollar bill) no clue but it looks good. If you notice the background it has some Nas lyrics covering the whole background.
New ¥en
These pieces are a real japan illustration style. I used the Statue of Liberty with the kabuki face in both of them. I decided to do one as a big illustration that I got from seeing some vintage Japanese art. I replaced the face with the statue of liberty, the other one has the NY logo and I replaced it with the yen. It has a lot of texture and elements to it if you really look closely.
Gangsta Music
Now this piece I took the girl from an old poster (The Professional) that i was going to use for a t-shirt. The t-shirt never made it to production. Then one day I came across the lyrics while listening to Dip-Set Anthem. The lyrics are “I sit alone in my four cornered room, staring at candles. Listening to gangsta music.” So I originally did the piece where you can see the candles and the pieces of the wall were suppose to reflect the gangsta music. I always revisit work and just go with what I feel. I put a bunch of covers, added texture and put the lyrics of Smooth Da Hustler’s- Broken Language all over it. I also have the Big Pun old vinyl label on the turntable.  He is one of my favorite rappers so I had to pay him some homage.
Every piece has a mate, so when I did the Gangsta Music piece I said what is going to go with this? I wanted to keep it classic and put our favorite albums behind a turnable. I thought it was pretty dope and the hip hop heads (like myself) loved it.
Creative minds = Wealthy Pockets

This is the Artek Creative Inc. company motto & a saying that I live my life by. So I just wanted to translate it into two different illustration styles.
Pleasure To Serve You
In this piece the brushes represent art and the cup I used it to represent New York. I did them in two different styles, for the first one I did a clean illustrator vector style. All the candy in the background is redone and renamed. The other piece is bitmap style. I did the lottery inspired pieces in the background as well.
Homeless and Poison
The girl piece is inspired by the old school Bel Biv Devoe track “Poison”. I put these pieces next to each other at my show because they are complete opposites. Sometimes you see a real beautiful girl but on the inside she could be real horrible. Then sometimes you see someone that may appear horrible but on the inside they are truly beautiful.
Typography Piece
Everyone who knows me, knows I love typography. So I did two pieces of what I was thinking. One was “hustlin is the key to success”, yes an old FatJoe lyric. I take it as hustle in working hard at anything you do. By doing so, you are bound to be successful. The dreams one is very self explanatory.
5 Borough 5 city
Two typography pieces that pay homage to our 5 boroughs and Japan’s largest 5 cities.
15 minutes Of Fame
I absolutely love this piece. I was going to use it for a t shirt, who knows maybe I still will. It says 15 minutes of fame (which is an Andy Warhol saying) can be gone in a NY minute. In a day of micro blogging, obsolete magazines, & how fast the world turns, your time can come and go. Here today, gone tomorrow.
Money Power Respect
Money, Power, Respect is the key to life. I defaced the Japanese yen filled, them up with some American presidents, and had a creative meltdown on top of it.
Concrete Jungle
The lion plays as the king of the jungle but the pigeon rules the street. It was one of the first pieces I did and still one of my favorites. It was one of the pieces where you start with no direction and it gave me the outlook i needed.
Death Of Fashion
This skull is made up of all vogue models, different covers, and logos to make this ugly skull. Beauty vs disaster, love it.

6 Responses to “N¥C Everything: Andrew Thiele’s Art Exhibit in Japan”

  1. Nikki Says:

    Wow, Awesome! I think I’ve never seen any Art displaying so many different forms in one exhibit!
    I love it!!!!

  2. Pianca Pink Says:

    Andrew, the way you tied in the styles that you’re already recognized for such as; cultural collages, abstracts graphics and bright colors with new, more media-risque and dark pieces was ingenious! I can imagine the showcase being a success…

    My favorite are the Fame in 15 minutes, The Topography pieces and I absolutely have to have the Gangsta Music! That piece is ME! lol…

    I’m such a fan of your work and I’m so happy for all the successes… keep ARTek alive! Woot Woot! : )

  3. Dotcommer Says:

    Wow, I havent been this inspired by ART since Andy Warhol died!!! Thank your for sharing this ART with me and the world!

  4. Martin Says:

    Great job Big dog i’m proud am I am impressed.

  5. danny sprint Says:

    I am proud of you .Colors & graphics are intellectually works together .Continue good work.

  6. BKNY Says:

    Amazing WORK! stay on top!!!

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