Takashi Murakami Macys Parade

November 28, 2010



November 28, 2010

Buffing walls in stillettos is kinda hot!


November 28, 2010


I know im late, but its worth posting. Sacer by Adek on Houston. I think it actually got painted over today.


November 28, 2010

Music Mondays with NXNY

November 22, 2010

Hands down the biggest tune in 2010! ONE has been in every house dj’s set across the world and continues to dominate the dance floors, check out the Swedes as they give us an in depth look at how the anthem of the summer was created!!!

Dazed Punk

November 17, 2010

In preparation for the release of the highly anticipated movie TRON: LEGACY, Dazed & Confused magazine got an exclusive interview with French duo Daft Punk, who are responsible for the film’s soundtrack. The masters of electronic music grace the December cover which is done in three dimensional graphics and is accompanied by a pair of 3-D glasses. Dazed & Confused editor Rod Stanely caught up with the reclusive duo in LA for their only interview they’ve done around the project. “Daft Punk never take the easy route or go for what’s expected,” Stanely explains. “So we really wanted to do something they’d never done before. They threw themselves into it, and this issue has been a real creative collaboration.” The cover was shot by photographer Sharif Hamza and styled by the magazines senior menswear editor Robbie Spencer. This issue hits new stands November 18 with the film TRON: LEGACY in theaters December 17 and the Daft Punk soundtrack on December 6.

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Art Basel Miami 2010

November 16, 2010

Art Basel Miami 2010 is gaining traction as the large-scale art exhibition will hit full-stride in Miami. Among the notable showings will be “The Sticker Wall” at the Wynwood Walls. The wall is part of a larger movement involving the recently released book Stuck Up Piece of Crap – From Punk Rock to Contemporary Art which documents the significance and history of the sticker.

Wynwood Walls
2700 NW 2nd Avenue between NW 27th Street and NW 27th Terrace
Miami, FL
United States

Photography: Martha Cooper

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