Fab or Freud…

September 27, 2011

I saw an article a few weeks back that Fab Five Freddy stole a piece from Oh of the Wallnuts Crew. Then last week, Revok posted evidence that he ripped off Severs piece.
Influence and biting are thin lines. When i was first introduced to graff, I studied other writers but always tried to remix their style to make it my own.  Below is the piece that Freddy took from Jee. It was clearly Jee’s piece getting sold as Fabs art. Somebody approached him about it and he says that it’s like when rappers sample music.  Jee’s responded (from what I know), “rappers still need sample clearance and have to pay royalties”.

Thanks to Jee for sharing this.  I once looked up to Fab Five Freddy for his influence in the game of art, hip hop, and NYC in general. But knowing the game and culture, he should work harder at developing his own style of art and not using someone else’s. And if he was, he should have collab’d with the artist and I’m sure it would have worked out.


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