Complex has compiled a list of the 25 most important artists of this year.

Below are the Top 10….. What do you think???

10. Patrick Martinez


8. Swoon

7. Steve Powers

6. Banksy

5. AJ Fosik

4. Ron English

3. Damien Hirst


1. Ai Weiwei


For the complete list click the link: COMPLEX 25 MOST IMPORTANT ARTISTS OF 2011




Happy Holidays!!!

December 21, 2011

Just want to take the time out to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year!!!!!!!!!!!

Art Basel Recap

December 6, 2011

Saw a lot of great art this week in Miami. Here is the recap of some of my favorites:

Wynwood Walls
By far, the Wynwood project was the one that blew me away. A lot of my favorite artists were there Futura, Retna, How & Nosm, Ron English, Shepard Fairey, Faile, and I got put on to a few new ones.
Here is the video by “Made”, very well put together I might add.
Here are some pics of the outer walls which feature Faile, Retna, Kenny Sharf, Shepard Fairey, and Ron English amongst others.
Wynwood Pop Up Gallery:
The Underbelly Project was real dope. I really liked the Trusto Corp piece, Swoon, Revok, but my favorite was the Faile.
Scope gallery
Im so mad we missed this. They had so many dope pieces!
Brainwash Show
Got a chance to check out the Brainwash show and I was not disapointed. I do agree his ideas and executions arent the most original but I enjoyed the show. Here are a few pics….
Dope Murals
I loved this Eines work. Shit is Crazy!
Here’s another one:
How and Nosm
This mural is crazy.

I had to buy their book. I remember when these artist first touched New York. They had a distinguished style and pure raw talent. I am glad they made the transition from doing murals to a distinguished art style.
Irak wall
Here Comes the Neighborhood Video:
Dope Murals Pt. 2
Just heard about this artist “Above” but real good stuff
Vhils- Man these guys chiseled walls are crazy.
Eduardo Kobra’s piece was sick
Jonathon Mannion x Reebok

JR @ M Building

Some pieces we misssed…..

Ohwow Gallery
This video is made by “Made”

21 Rue D’Arcole,
Paris, 75004


Source: Hypebeast

JonOne opened his “Throw-Up” exhibit at BKRW’s Paris location this past Friday. Showcasing the Harlem artisan’s iconic “throw-up” tags, the mini art project presents JonOne’s work in a number of new mediums, including rugs, paintings, sculptures and spring-loaded playground-styled signs.