Lafayette x Artek

September 27, 2011

I am really happy to announce the launch of the collab we did with Lafayette. I really like the brand and the clothes are super ill. They are one of my favorite brands and it was great working with them. This is not the last so watch out for more to come.
Here are a few pics.



The Hundreds announce their second round of collaboration projects with renowned artist Mark Dean Veca. Following graphic t-shirts last year.

TH have produced a Johnson Mid sneaker alongside a solid 3-part skateboard series, as seen above. Have a look at the sneaker and images of the original artwork

Gaga X Supreme

February 24, 2011

Terry Richardson shot Lady Gaga for Supreme. While looking at the shots from Terrys blog, I was thinking how good of a look it was for everyone. Supreme gets more visibility through GaGas audience, and GaGa gets the cool pass through Supreme. Everyone wins.

Supreme x Rust-Oleum

October 20, 2010


NYC brand Supreme collaborates with anti-rust paint enthusiast, Rust-Oleum.  Chosen for their services to graffiti artists everywhere, the collection features Rust-Oleum branding on each and every item. Still no release date set, but you can just look out for the tons of kids camping out for days in front of the store. Peace to all the writers out there!

One thing I definitely  don’t condone is wearing fake anything whether its clothes, sneakers, jewelry, etc. Knock offs are a no-go, but one thing we dont realize is how lucrative that market is. I came across this New York Times article and found it interesting. Big ups to all the china-men &  africans on Canal st. getting their hustle on selling knock off everything to all the out of towners!!!!!! Read the entire article here.

Benny Gold Interview

July 26, 2010

Shirts Coming Soon

July 21, 2010

As I been saying for quite a while, we coming out with our own line of tees. We have been in the game for a long time designing shirts and giving concepts while we hide in the shadows like a ghost writer. Now we are going stepping forward and getting these shirts moving. The concept of the line is what we live and breath everyday, and that’s art fashion and oh yeah the greatest city ever New York!!!

This tshirt has a few meaning but the main one is simple “who cares” certaintly not New Yorkers. Everyone has a story, everyone has problem, but one thing is certain “New York Dont Care”.  So here you go!!!

Please support. and let us know if you are interested in any of the new shirts!!!