Wow this is incredible.  Banksy the world renowned street artist, was just given the creative freedom to create an opening scene sequence for  the classic tv show The Simpsons.  The Simpsons definitely have had prior funny opening sequences, but this one is a dope one with a message. I like how Banksy shows the ugly machine side of the industry & used different  elements to express that. To people like myself who grew up watching The Simpsons its classic, apart of my childhood, & means something. To the suits who are behind the network its just another avenue that they can milk & make money off of.  Banksy takes the viewer behind the scenes of the process of animation, marketing, and promotion of an animated series.

Check out the video & see Banksy’s messaging within the scene. The man is a genius. Below the video of the opening credits & a piece of an interview (via Hypebeast) The New York Times did with The Simpson’s  Al Jean, regarding how they tracked down Banksy & repercussions involving The Simpsons’ network, Fox.

N.Y.T  -How did you find Banksy to do this, and now that it’s done, how much trouble are you in?

Al Jean:  Well, I haven’t been fired yet, so that’s a good sign. I saw the film Banksy directed, “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” and I thought, oh, we should see if he would do a main title for the show, a couch gag. So I asked Bonnie Pietila, our casting director, if she could locate him, because she had previously located people like Thomas Pynchon. And she did it through the producers of that film. We didn’t have any agenda. We said, “We’d like to see if you would do a couch gag.” So he sent back boards for pretty much what you saw.

For full interview with Al Jean, check Hypbeast for entire story:  Here


Big up to the homie French Montana who stopped by the office yesterday. As you can see here French is sporting our “I AM NY” tee. We are currently doing the artwork for his Coke Boyz mixtape that will be out soon so keep your eyes & ears peeled for that. French is also going on tour I believe Oct.16 (dont quote me on the date) so definitely check for him while on tour. Up at Artek wesupport our local NY artists. Currently he’s got a crazy wave & holding down NYC with his arsenal of mixtapes he’s put out. While up here French had us sippin on that Mz.Berry (Red Berry Ciroc & Strawberry Kiwi Snapple), played us an unreleased track he did the night before (which is a certified banger) & even phoned in Max Biggaveli’s ma dukes to see how Max was doing behind the wall.

Shout out to French Montana & the Coke Boyz. Keep on going hard on these tracks & reppin’ the BX juuuheardddd!! FREE MAX B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Music Mondays

October 4, 2010

Peace yall! Wanna wish you a postive & productive week ahead. Today I bring you this hiphop gem from my brethren Meyhem Lauren called Got The Fever. An ode to the artistry of graff. Me myself I am not a writer but do have a major respect for the art form. Much love to all writers across the world. This young man spits that mar-vel Q.U. flava on every track he gets on whether it be his own, or a feature. Meyhem has worked with Hip Hop royalty like Kool G Rap, Raekwon, Ghostface, Large Professor , Cormega, Az just to name a few. He also has collaborations with TimelessTruth & ActionBronson that are nothing less than classics. Enjoy!!!

Be sure to check Meyhem’s website for more music, videos, flicks, shows, etc. Click here for Mey’s site.

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Put This On

September 30, 2010

I have two unhealthy obessions with denim & camo print. All types of camo print and a bunch of different denim products. So naturally I saw this video and thought it was something worth sharing with the fellow denim connoisseur. This web series is called Put This On Directed by Adam Ligasor & Hosted by Jesse Thorn. This specific episode focuses on denim, how to shop for it, care of it, how its made, etc. Below is the YouTube video but I also included the Vimeo link which is much better in quality. Enjoy.

Vimeo Link: Put This On

Timeless Timepiece

September 13, 2010

Levi Maestro collaborated with Los Angeles jeweler Shayan Afshar to create a “Timeless” time piece. The timepiece is more of an accessory as opposed to a device that tells time. The timepiece comes in 18k yellow gold and rose gold with a release of only 12 pieces available Sept.15th (10PST) via telephone (213)627-1271 Price tag: $350 USD

Dope or not? Personally i would like to sport a watch that actually tells time, especially if im spending $350 on it, but thats just me.

Somebody who definitely embodies the term “Creative New Yorker” is Founder/ Creative Director of Staple Design, Jeff Staple. Staple Design was founded in 1997 in NYC. The three operating parts of Staple design are a clothing line, creative agency & retail store (Reed Space) located at 151 Orchard St. in Lower East Side. The Reed Space also is a full functioning Art Gallery as well.

One of thee most notable & notorious designs was the collaboration they did with Nike for the Pigeon Dunk sneaker.  People camped out for days to obtain this sneaker. It got so crazy that a riot formed and even made the news headlines. Staple Design’s clients include Kia, Timberland, New Balance, Airwalk, Microsoft, & Sony just to name a few.  Jeff Staple is definitely an inspiration to any creative/creator.  On every project/collaboration Staple Design raises the bar & sets a blueprint. They’re designs are not based on hype or fad forcasting  but have more so a sense of authenticity to them.  If your ever in NYC definitely stop by the Reed Space and check out Jeff’s Staple genius first hand. Also follow Jeff on twitter .

Here is the link to one of my favorite Jeff Staple interviews—> Vimeo

Today we premier the Creative New Yorker section. We will be updating this section with very influential and creative people from New York. The first entry is Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren was born Ralph Rueben Lifshitz on October 14, 1939 in the Bronx, New York. While selling ties at Brooks Brothers as a young man, he studied business at night school. He attended Baruch School of Business in NYC where he dropped out after two years. It may well have been during his sales stint at Brooks Brothers, the conservative stylish menswear store, that Lauren met the “muse of tradition” which would earn him a formidable position in fashion history. Lauren’s initial entry into fashion was designing napkin-wide Beau Brummel neckwear in 1967. The next year he launched a menswear line, Polo, offering styles that were a refined mix of English classic and traditional American. The rest is now history.