The L.A. Weekly celebrated Valentine’s Day 2012 with a new red, black and white façade painted by artists Raoul and Davide Perre, known as How & Nosm.

The concept is loosely, “messages in a bottle,” representing perhaps those the newspaper delivers every week, yet conveyed via familiar surrealist How & Nosm imagery: fish, hands, faces, hearts and brains, plus secret visuals we may never decipher. The final work is a series of colorful bottles, some of which incorporate the windows of the building.

(Source: LA WEEKLY How + Nosm Paint the L.A. Weekly Building)



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Bernard Pras

February 13, 2012

Think I found my new favorite artist, Bernard Pras.

Bernard Pras (b. 1952) is a French artist whose bold re-imaginings of our artistic heritage force us to re-examine the way we look at visual art – which is itself a prism through which the artist channels a unique way of translating thoughts, emotions and ways of interpreting the world around us. Pras adds an extra dimension to familiar paintings, photos and images, often choosing materials that enhance certain aspects of his source material and allow the viewer to re-evaluate their original impressions of said source.

(source: WebUrbanist)

Bansky vs Robbo

February 13, 2012

David Choe @ Facebook, 2005

February 6, 2012

Source: Archive: David Choe @ Facebook, 2005