Throw your “A’s” up!

October 28, 2007



Introducing Ladies First

October 23, 2007


Please be on the lookout for the new female line “Ladies First”
We recently launched the site for them. log onto
we also design some hot new tees for them. As soon as they are released we will upload the pics.

The Kings Ball

October 23, 2007


We were recently asked to do these custom invites for a playboy mansion party.
The Playboy Mansion ft DJCamilo – DonOmar what a combo!!!

The team gets stronger!!!

October 23, 2007


As we continue working on the redesign of our new site…We would like to introduce Reg Punla….The newest addition to the artek team!!!!!

Takin it to the Streets

October 16, 2007



We recently completed some artwork for my boy Bobby Trends. The top artwork is a front graphic for his tshirts so make sure u holla at him for one. Check his show out “takin it to the streets” every Saturday on Hot 97 from 12-4am. Big shout out to Kast One as well.


October 15, 2007


We just completed some artwork for Miss Amanda Diva.
She is doing some real big things so be on the lookout for her new album
“Life Experience” the EP & 1st installment of Amanda Diva’s
“The Experience Trilogy” coming Dec. 07!

The logo is so shadyyy….

October 9, 2007


Peace to DRO & ALVON from Shady Records……..Thanks for reaching out to us on these logos. Another great job well done….