Corporate Bombing!!!!

February 14, 2008

Shout out to Dro & Alvon for swinging a full page Artek Ad in the New Issue of the Maq Roc Magazine.



Bridgez Magazine

February 14, 2008

Finally Our copies of the New “Bridgez Magazine” have arrived.

For those who don’t know we are the Art Directors of the magazine. To view the whole magazine go to your local newsstand and get one, if not stop by we have a couple.

Huge Shout out to Charlie & Ariel!!!!


*Pepsi Builds Bridgez*

October 8, 2007


For the MTV Music Awards Pepsi released an event in 5 different cities called the “BLUE CARPET BASH” and Bridgez Magazine came to us and asked if we would do the honor of creating their 5×7 booklet specifically for the event.


October 8, 2007


I created these illustrations for Bridgez Magazine’s upcoming AD campaign called “VIVA LA PRENSA” Be on the look out for these ad’s in future magazine stands and SOON TO BE SEE PLASTERED ALL OVER NYC!!!!!!