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Virgin Galactic

July 31, 2009

A strange aerial creature made its appearance this week over the skies of OshKosh, Wisconsin, as Virgin Galactic VMS Eve flew its maiden public flight over the world’s largest private air show, EAA Airventure. On board was none other than billionaire Sir Richard Branson, who capitalized the idea of Virgin Galactic, the world’s first “spaceline”. Developed by pioneering aeronautic designer Burt Rutan and his firm Scaled Composites, the quad jet engine VMS Eve, aka White Knight 2, is formed from an unique dual-hull carbon composite and largest aircraft of its kind. It will be the aerial launch vehicle (or “mothership”) to send off the space module, SpaceShip Two, once both vehicles reached an altitude of 50,000 feet. The first “captive carry” flight is scheduled to take place end of this year. Those who are interested in becoming one of the few civilians to reach space, you could “book” your flight via the Virgin Galactic website.



Minute 5:01 thats when it gets CRAZZZZZZYYY!!!!!!!

Luca Lonescu Design

July 31, 2009

An art director at Australian street magazine, STU : Luca Ionescu, who created a look for STU.
Luca went onto launch his own publication, Refill, and taking on a long list of clients whose brand identities have been shaped over the years by his highly conceptual design.



Imagine That lol

July 31, 2009

European print ad for VIAGRA…… LOL



Supreme collaborated with adult film star, Tera Patrick, a few years ago on a small collection of apparel pieces, now polaroid pictures from the shoot have surfaced via the photographer, Kenneth Cappello, who took the revealing photos.

Saw VI Crazy Animation

July 29, 2009


CHECK THIS OUT!!! http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/saw-vi-motion-poster.html